Senaro whole staff experiences the high-tech production facility

Senaro whole staff enjoyed a special day by visiting its’ Motorcycle Assembling Complex at Yakkala and witnessing the birth of Senaro GN125 motorcycles. The staff other than the production staff rarely gets chance of such experience in the factory complex.
Enhancing the team spirit of Seanro, whole staff joined the production staff to spend a day in this highly sophisticated factory complex and observed the production process of assembling motorcycles.
Senaro Motor Company is a certified organization for quality under ISO 9001 and the very high-quality standards in assembling of motorcycles were witnessed by the crowd. Further they observed the only automated motorcycle testing system in Sri Lanka at the Senaro assembling complex which ensures the 100% safety of the end-users of the motorcycle.
Whole staff of Senaro indicated that they are really proud to be the members of a 100% Sri Lanka company which leads in production of motorcycles in Sri Lanka and they assured their active contribution in initiating the export of motorcycles to other countries under the proud title of “Made In Sri Lanka” which will take place in near future.

Another step towards Human Resource Development

Senaro pays special attention to Human Resource Development as its’ staff is the most valuable asset of the company. Its’ key staff is recruited through a stringent selection process and once recruited, they are directed to various types of trainings.
Yet another out-bound training session was held recently for the entire staff of Senaro. Two external resource persons, who are well-reputed employee trainers in the industry Mr. Sameera Liyange, Chief Marketing Manager of Bank of Ceylon and Mr. Ashrof, Manager HRM & Training of Brandix conducted the trainings. Marketing orientation, developing personal branding, self-grooming etc. were the main topics of the session.
Mr. Thilak Waththuhewa, The Principal of Royal Collage delivered a lecture as a special guest and his motivational speech was a special attraction.
This out-bound training session was highly appreciated by Senaro Staff and expressed their gratitude to the management and the lecturers.
Senaro Motor Company is a certified organization under ISO 9001 and as a measure to enhance the quality of its’ processes and productions even further, these trainings would provide immense support, the management believes.

Another CSR project of Senaro towards scholarship students

Another CSR project of Senaro Motor Company took place recently. The students who got through Grade 5 scholarship exam and who are children of employees of Department of Police were appreciated and motivated as a special CSR program.
This ceremony took place under the patronage of Senior DIG Mr. Dheshabandu Thennakoon as the chief guest & many other high ranking Police officers. Mr. Sameera Liyanage, Chief Marketing Manager of Bank of Ceylon also graced this worthy event with Senaro Motor Company.
Senaro presented “Ran Kekulu” BOC savings accounts with deposits to the students. By joining hands with Senaro Motor Company, Bank of Ceylon, The Bankers To The Nation, also presented some special gifts to the kids.
As a responsible 100% Sri Lankan Company firmly believes in empowering the kids of the nation as they are the future of Sri Lanka. Senaro will continue its’ CSR projects in future as well.

Senaro Installs the most sophisticated motorcycle test line

Senaro is a ISO 9001 certified company for quality standards. In order to ensure the quality & the safety standards of its’ production, Senaro has installed a fully automated motorcycle test line, probably the first & only automated test line in Sri Lanka. When producing motorcycles, Senaro pays special attention to safety of its’ customers.
After stringent quality control under close supervision in production line, all motorcycles produced are directed to the test line. With the help of this sophisticated test line, speedo meter calibration, front & rear brake testing, acceleration test, front & rear axle weight, orientation test etc. are carried out. All these ensures the safety of the rider.

Bank of Ceylon appreciates Senaro with special award.

Founder & Chairman of Senaro Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Roshana Waduge was presented a most prestigious award from its banker, Bank of Ceylon recently, at a ceremony held in BOC titled as “For being most Inspirational Young Entrepreneur”. Chairman of BOC, The General Manager & Deputy General Managers were present at this special occasion. BOC, the being the banker of Senaro expressed their appreciation towards Senaro as an emerging & innovative Sri Lankan company which took a giant step in automobile industry of Sri Lanka by manufacturing motorcycles locally.

Senaro receives International Award

Senaro Motor company (Pvt) Ltd was awarded the “Best Emerging Enterprise” award and its’ Chairman Mr. Roshana Waduge was awarded “Outstanding Young Entrepreneur” award among Commonwealth countries, in Commonwealth Partnership Summit & Business Excellence Awards 2023, which was held in Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel in Singapore on 27th July 2023.
In this prestigious recognition one of the main concerns was taking huge business risk in most challenging adverse global economic conditions in post-Covid era and especially the political unrest and economic down turn in Sri Lanka. Senaro Company created a significant turning point in Sri Lankan automobile industry by commencing the assembling motorcycles locally, correctly foreseeing the business opportunity emerging in the country as a result of economic down turn. Managing the risk was one of the factors which was highly appreciated and rewarded in this award selecting criteria.
Mr. Roshana Waduge, being still under 40 years, guided his company in correct path in most troubled waters by managing the risks very well and was awarded with outstanding young entrepreneur which he deserved very well.
This indeed a great pride to our Motherland Sri Lanka and is a good example especially to young entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to seek opportunities in any kind of adverse conditions and capitalize in order to drive our motherland towards economic prosperity.

Mannar Senaro Showroom Opening

Senaro GN125 motorcycles are now available to Northern region from its’ newest showroom in Mannar. The customers can now inspect the Senaro motorcycles at Mannar dealer showroom.

Miriswatta Senaro Showroom Opening

Senaro opens it’s showroom for Gampaha area at Kandy Road, Miriswatta, Gampaha to serve customers in Gampaha & surrounding areas and areas down the Kandy road as well.

Senaro GN125 motorcycles were unveiled in ceremonial manner with the blessing of Ministry of Industries.

Senaro GN125 motorcycle was ceremonially launched on 31st January 2023 at Cinnamon Lakeside with participation of Minister of Industries Dr. Ramesh Pathirana and Minister of Justice Dr. Wijeydasa Rajapaksha as chief guests and many other distinguished guests.

Senaro GN125 Motorcycles records selling of 130 motorcycles on launch day itself.

Senaro GN125 motorcycle was ceremonially launched on 31st January 2023 at Cinnamon Lakeside with participation of Minister of Industries Dr. Ramesh Pathirana and Minister of Justice Dr. Wijeydasa Rajapaksha as chief guests and many other distinguished guests.
Dr. Thambugala, The chairman of Aura Group, spontaneously decided to purchase 100 Senaro Motorcycles after being convinced at the ceremony as a high quality Sri Lankan product. Total of 130 Senaro motorcycles were sold at the ceremony itself.

Senaro join hands with another 100% local company, Royal Nursing Homes to supply 100 Motorcycles for their staff.

Senaro GN125 motorcycle was presented to Royal Nursing Homes, a 100% Sri Lankan company, on invitation of its’ Chairman Mr. Manuja Hewawasam at their premises in Kaduwela. The management decided to purchase 100 Motorcycles for their staff.

Motor Cycles assembled by 100% Sri Lankan owned company and first ever locally made assembling line

Senaro is stepping in to manufacturing / assembling of motor cycles in Sri Lanka and for this purpose, Senaro made the first ever motor cycle assembly line totally in Sri Lanka. It is the first and only assembling line in country which is 100% Made in Sri Lanka and thereby Senaro saved millions in foreign currency.

Best CEO of the Region awarded by Europe Business Assembly of Oxford UK

The Chairman of Senaro Group , Mr Roshana Waduge received the  prestigious award of  “ Best CEO of the Region “ from Europe Business Assembly of Oxford, UK  during the award ceremony held in Switzerland.

Donation of Rs 10,000,000.00 to National Hospital of Sri Lanka

The Chairman of Senaro Group , Mr Roshana Waduge who is also the chairman of Sri Lanka Trade Development Council coordinated a donation of Rs 10,000,000.00 to National Hospital of Sri Lanka  from Nippon Donation Foundation which is a leading donation foundation in Japan . Mr Waduge will continue to  get many more donations and support foreign donors though his personal contact to support the country during this crucial time period.

First ever Sri Lankan Assembled multipurpose Senaro Cargo Three Wheeler Truck

Senaro group introduced the first ever Sri Lankan assembled cargo three wheeler truck under the brand of Senaro Business Truck  in year 2007. This business truck can  be customized for many business purposes and it contributes the business development in rural areas. Senaro business trucks will re-introduced to the market with enhanced technology very soon.

Inheritance family connected to Automobile Industry

Mr Roshana Waduge , Chairman of Senaro group hails from family connected to automobile industry.  His grand farther , Malhami Bass is a well known technician in the country who was specialized in manufacturing gear wheels of vehicles manually . This was discussed at Sri Lanka parliament also recently.

Inheritance family connected to Automobile Industry

Mr Roshana Waduge, Chairman of Senaro group hails from family connected to automobile industry. His farther was attached to Nissan Motor Corporation Japan as an Automobile Engineer for many years. He was the first South Asian automobile engineer joined to Nissan Motor Corporation and there had been an article in Japanese news paper with regard to his achievement.

“Entrepreneurs” - Creating 1000 new entrepreneurs in the country

 Chairman of Senaro group, Mr Roshana Waduge is a young visionary entrepreneur with  many novel ideas. He recently published a book , named “ Entrepreneurs”   with a concept of creating 1000 new entrepreneurs to the country which will help to develop the economy of the country and also to create new employment opportunities.

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