Top 5 Most Recent Games

The latest games may not be the most exciting games of the year however they’re the ones that stand out most. They’re the ones you’ll be talking about and playing long after they hit the shelves regardless of their captivating stories, the enveloping environments, or simply their unstoppable gameplay.

While many sequels are iterative enhancements of an existing formula, XCOM 2 rises above its predecessor thanks to a fresh perspective and a reworked combat system that offers an unlimited ceiling for players with experience. It’s one of the few titles to be both kid-friendly and mature, with a jolly aspect that doesn’t diminish its quality of play.

As the first non-Squaresoft release to use the new Unreal Engine 4 software, Brutal Legend proves that classic action can still pack punch. The game is a riot of nostalgia, combining the dark beauty and majestical qualities found in PS1 classics with modern action games.

Despite some of the most boring grinding in the genre, Spec Ops: The Line is a superb shooter more focused on the story than before. It’s the most interesting installment to date in the series, featuring a sci-fi setting that’s both familiar yet difficult to connect with and a character that’s easy to relate to but difficult to sympathise with.

Despite the absence or lack of new content, Final Fantasy XIV has come back to the good graces of its players after a rocky start with Warlords of Draenor. The reason for the resurgence of the game can be attributable to a renewed emphasis on storytelling, as well as the ongoing dedication of the development team to keep improving the basic experience with a variety of extensions that make it one of the few MMO subscriptions you’ll wish to stay with.

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