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Ideally, you’d have five years of full-time experience to be an expert on a certain subject. Do your research on the candidates you want to recruit, and connect with them using personalized, non-generic outreach. You should have a solid picture of your competition’s going rates and pricing models. That way, you can ensure that your prices are rational and competitive enough to keep pace with others in your space. Your average small business is both specialized and multifaceted, and you’re most likely not going to be equipped to handle every element of every business across every industry.

That logic can apply to virtually every type of small business consulting pricing model — including retainers, monthly fees, charging by project, or hourly rates. As you deliver on more projects and build your reputation, you can gradually and appropriately increase your prices. You should always be learning and active in your specialized industry.

Many small business owners might not know that they’re overspending in certain areas of their businesses. A small business financial advisor will evaluate your business finances and see where you can cut unnecessary costs. Robo-advisor is an automated investing service that uses algorithms to build and grow your investment portfolio. Depending on which robo-advisor you choose, you can manage your taxes, optimize your investment portfolio, plan for retirement, and more. Also, a robo-advisor can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a small business financial advisor. Keeping your personal and business expenses separate is key for many reasons, including tax and liability purposes, but you may be unsure how to set up and manage separate accounts.

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For example, if you’re a marketing consultant, make sure you’re an expert in the industry by taking courses and staying informed on the latest trends. Once you have your attorney, you need to work with them to determine what kind of entity you intend to register. Your answer to that question is going to inform several other key elements of your operations — how you pay taxes being one of the most important. Consultants can be an important tool for small businesses that can’t afford full-time employees year-round, need a third party to solve a company issue, or want an expert to give advice and strategize.

When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how we can make your business thrive. Hiring, training and maintaining a full time, full-charge bookkeeper can turn out to be more stressful, and not quite an economical option.

That’s why you’re best off hiring bookkeepers to handle at least part of that process. A small business consultant who specializes in financial management can come on and adjust budgets, set up payroll, or help with taxes. Finances and accounting are one of the hardest things to manage for a small company, but it’s one of the most important areas to set up accurately.

Should you run your business as a sole proprietor, form an LLC, or start a corporation? These are questions you’ll likely be confused about when you first start running your business—and you may decide to revisit it down the line for tax purposes. Consulting with your small business financial advisor can help you understand each business structure and which would best fit your business model and goals.

Many of our business clients have existing proprietorship, corporate or partnership structures that are not optimizing their built-in tax benefits. We will determine whether your current corporate structure is the proper entity for your business and then implement the tax benefits going forward. Want to learn more about starting a business from entrepreneurs themselves? Visit Startup Savant’s startup founder series to gain entrepreneurial insights, lessons, and advice from founders themselves.


With creative problem solving, every day looks different and presents interesting challenges. It might go without saying, but you also need to have the resources to bring new people on as you carry out the recruitment process. You can’t overstep your limits at this point in the process — be sure to staff sustainably.

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See if you can attend conferences or download webinars for an in-depth perspective on how your target industry functions. The role of a small business consultant is to identify issues and strategically plan solutions. Essentially, they are creative problem solvers that can specialize in any area of business and help small business work more efficiently. A small business consultant can work with sales and marketing teams in a number of ways.

Our work with retail & small business banks Financial Services – McKinsey

Our work with retail & small business banks Financial Services.

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You’ll need a specialty — and that has to be clearly defined before you start putting your firm together. When a small business is just starting out, it needs to have projections and forecasts for how things will go in the near and distant future. According to Statista, the consulting market size in the United States reached a value of $64.4 billion in 2020 — a figure that isn’t covered exclusively by massive firms catering to corporations. The market for small business consulting is also incredibly lucrative, and the practice itself can involve rewarding, engaging work. To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available. The opinions expressed are the author’s alone and have not been provided, approved, or otherwise endorsed by our partners.

I worked with the team at Growthink to accelerate the development of the original Integreon business plan. I recommend them highly to companies of all sizes looking to turbo-charge the development of their strategic business plans and their businesses. We offer our accounting, bookkeeping and financial services to all types of businesses from Real Estate, E-Commerce Professionals and any small or medium sized businesses. Managing accounts and books on top can get overwhelming for business owners / managers. Triton Business Advisors is a multidisciplinary team of business advisors that work with clients to provide clear direction and practical, solutions focused on achieving strategic results.

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For instance, a might recommend using the HubSpot Sales Hub or Active Campaign. If your small business financial advisor is not a fiduciary, you can’t be sure they’re acting in your best interest. Your small business financial advisor can help you draft this document so there are clear instructions on how to keep the business running or prepare for its sale in your absence. As a small-business owner, you wear a lot of hats and are constantly switching between them. Working with a small business financial advisor can have myriad benefits for both you and your business.

Unlocking Open Banking Data’s Potential to Lift Small Business – Mastercard

Unlocking Open Banking Data’s Potential to Lift Small Business.

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If you are comfortable with working with a smaller number of how to make a chart of accounts and are realistic about your time, you can easily run a consulting business on the side. It’s important to be open with your clients about your time constraints to build trust. Fiverr allows anyone to sign up and sell their services as a freelancer. A lot of companies looking for freelance writing, design or marketing work use Fiverr, so it would be a good place to do consulting for content strategy. A consulting business needs a website so clients can find you easily.

If you’re starting your own small business consulting firm, odds are you’re not going in totally blind. You probably have some degree of experience in your field — at least you should. When it comes to starting your own small business consulting firm, you have to have more specific goals than, “We’re going to consult for small businesses.” Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only. Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities.

See the services they offer and the types of businesses they generally cater to. Doing so can let you see what kinds of organizations are looking for firms with your specialty. It might also help you identify gaps in their clientele that you can make a point of appealing to. Again, this step isn’t mandatory — but it can still help you out in both the short and long term. Still, you can’t rely solely on your prior experience with a market when trying to put a firm of your own together. You need to conduct extensive market research to understand the businesses you’re trying to work with and the issues they’re most likely facing.


To improve your business’ financial health, we’ll also closely examine your revenue, spending and cash flow. As cost reduction specialists, we uncover ways to cut expenses, often without impacting your headcount. We’ll help identify and rectify challenges such as product pricing, ineffective sales issues, cash flow challenges, inefficient processes, or reports which fail to provide management insights. Try to land on a rational pricing structure that can keep your business afloat without alienating too many potential clients. This might take some trial and error, but you have to figure it out. After all, you can’t sustain a successful small business consulting firm if no small businesses are interested in paying for your services.

For example, they can come up with a digital strategy, a marketing campaign, or work on the web development or training side of things. If you’re an expert or have worked in sales and marketing, you can easily transfer that knowledge as a small business consultant. Since you’re starting an individual consulting business, your business name can be your personal name as a trade name or a business name. If you have a name that you want to use that feels more recognizable and eye-catching, make sure you factor the registration costs into your original budget.

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They listened to our objectives and truly understood what our mission was prior to beginning our project. They ultimately delivered a very valuable tool that will have tremendous use to us in our growth. May be considered for a discretionary bonus, Restricted Share Rights, or other long – term incentive awards.

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