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The Brand Name Senaro


Inspired by the knowledge and interest comes down from generation to generation, a very young entrepreneur started the company SENARO, a brand compiled with initials of the family names. A name which gained reputation in the motor vehicle industry as a dependable & trust worthy brand icon. A name which is well known through a huge cross section of general public.

SENARO is celebrating its 20th year in the automobile industry and growing healthy with many of its’ experienced charter employees. The experience gained in this period was immense and the exposure the company got is wide. SENARO now has stepped beyond shores of motherland and has commenced businesscompany logo ventures in other countries as well, earning foreign currency for our country.

Diversification is name of the game for SENARO. The success comes through close supervision, innovative thinking, personalized selling & being market oriented, SENARO believes.

SENARO started its’ business with importing of motor cycles and then moved on to having its’ own branded motor cycle “SENARO”. It became very popular within a very short time and the name was well known especially in rural areas.

SENARO started importing vehicles mainly from Japan, UK & Thailand as its next move. Going one step further, it established its’ own overseas branch companies in Japan & UK. This provided clear competitive edge in marketing. Mr Roshana Waduge , Managing Director who is a young entrepreneur hails from a family relating to the automobile industry . Inheriting the technical skills from His grand farther, Malhami Baas, a famous & well-known lathe machine technician from ancient days, Roshana has the required technical skills in his blood.

Farther of Mr Roshana Waduge is also a motor mechanic engineer and was serving Nissan Corporation in Japan who was the first south-Asian selected for Nisssan Motor Corporation for a such position. This was a news in Japanese newspapers too during year 1976. He was attached to Nissan Motor Corporation for more than 30 years.

With the influence of his family, Mr Roshana was very keen on automobile industry from his childhood. As a result, he enters the automobile field in his very early ages. He also has undergone so many training programs relating to the automobile technology in Japan and in other countries as well. He dreamt of developing his own automobile product range.

Mr Roshana invest lot of money and time in research and development on auto mobile industry. He failed so many times, yet with the courage and enthusiasm he continuously invested his time and money for R & D . He travelled to other countries and extracted the technological expertise to develop his own brand products.

Finally, after all the hard work, he managed to introduce own branded Senaro Motorcycle, A Cargo three-wheeler truck and a ATV car for the Sri Lankan market. All these products were tested so many times to ensure the suitability for road network in the country.

The Brand Name Senaro


The Brand Name Senaro

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